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logo - IFS Apprenticeships

International Financial Services Apprenticeships

Opportunity to attract and recruit highly qualified and talented individuals with fresh ideas that can be tailored to specific job roles in Financial Services Companies


Review and select from a prescreened pool of candidates.
Place existing employees on the apprenticeship programme.
Develop the skills and abilities of your workforce.


Meet prospective employeers.
Secure a two year fixed term contract.
Gain new skills and experience in your chosen field.
  • What is industry saying?

    FSI are delighted to sponsor this ground breaking enterprise which will bring targeted skills quickly into a rapidly growing sector. The ability of apprenticeships to grow and benefit the industry is limited only by the extent of industry take up. I strongly urge all firms in the sector to grab, with both hands this unrivalled opportunity to improve the speed, quality and cost effectiveness of recruitment.

    - Marc Coleman / Director, Financial Services Ireland