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IFS Apprenticeships ensure the best match between industry required skills and the education of apprentices. Secure the skilled labour you need through fixed term, cost-effective contracts.

I am an employer looking for an apprentice.

How it works

Step 1

Identify suitable roles

Step 2

Select suitable candidates - internal and external

Step 3

Candidate selection options: 1 New hires. 2. Pre-screened candidates. 3. Existing employees.

Step 4

Select a mentor for each apprentice

Step 5

On-site interviews to select excellent candidates.

What are the benefits of an IFS Apprenticeship?

Recruit new staff, upskill existing staff, add value and save money.


Access to new talent pipeline. Upskill/reskill existing employees


New hires in relevant roles/ pre-screened candidates with relevant qualifications/ existing employees moving into relevant roles.


IFS Apprenticeship 2017 intake - 90% retention rate - 100% pass rate in year 1 assessmetn/exams - 100% plan to remain in the sector


Government funded training for apprentices and mentors

What is an apprenticeship and what does it mean for my Company?

An IFS Apprenticeship is a two year, nationally accredited work-based programme designed to meet employers needs, tackle the skills shortages in entry level roles and specialist level roles. IFS Apprentices will gain a recognised professional qualification at levels 6 & 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications. INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES PROGRAMMES: IFS Associate - Higher Certificate in International Financial Services (Level 6). IFS Specialist - Higher Diploma in Financial Services Analytics (Level 8)

I still have questions

Role of the Employer

1. Two year apprenticehip contract.

Candidate Profile

Candidate Profile of 2018 applications
Of Associates applicants have a Level 5 qualification
Of Associates applicants have a Level 7 qualification
Of Specialists applicants have a Level 8 qualification
Of Specialists applicants have a Level 9 qualification
  • What is industry saying?

    At Fidelity International we deliver innovative client solutions for a better future. The investment in early learning is key to our long term talent strategy and the FSI apprenticeship program provides us with an additional pipeline of high calibre diverse talent

    - Carmel Mitchell / Head of HR Global Business Solutions, Fidelity International

  • What industry has to say

    Ulster Bank are delighted to be taking part in this Apprenticeship scheme. We recognise that schemes like this can help people to gain a qualification whilst building really desirable skills. The great thing about the IFS Apprenticeship scheme is the focus on the skills of the future, so Apprentices will not just be acquiring skills for now, but to build the bank of the future.

    - Barry Mulcahy, Learning Partner, Academy (HR) / Ulster Bank